Amidst of a very complicated situation which is unprecedented in the world where people and our clients have fears and rightfully so, we encourage everyone to be cautious at all time. The other reality is also that some people still having the need for moving from relocations, marrying or divorcing, downsizing etc…This is the main reason why real estate is still seeing as essential business. New guidelines are added up every week for all this industry to follow. Agents are still helping clients to purchased properties through virtual tours-Mattaport 360, face time and limited sowings, other agents are still helping clients selling their properties without any Open House but having self-made videos and mattaport 360. Everyone is wearing masks and gloves and respecting social distance between clients and agents. We for example, tell our clients when doing showings no to put any fingers inside homes wanting to press light switches or door knobs and we are ourselves disinfecting areas that we have been touching…… we do all for our clients and at the same time respecting distance. Appraisers are working by themselves as usual and Inspectors are now going by themselves to t properties and Facetiming their clients about the complete report along with the written report sent to them. Lenders are working remotely with their clients though FaceTime and Skype and most Title Companies are now offering curbside closing involving only the Buyers and Sellers separately from their individual cars. This will surely be the new way to operate for a long while and it is still doable as long as every one make their respective tasks efficiently.